European Tour Player Aces Two Holes In The Same Round

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For professional golfers, the odds of making a hole-in-one during a round are somewhere in the range of 4,000 to 1.

Acing two holes during the same round, on the other hand, carries much higher odds (we couldn’t find an exact number but estimates seemed to be in the seven-figure range).

If Andrew Dodt were to place a bet on himself last week, he would have cashed in bigtime.

The European Tour player carded a pair of 1s last Friday in his second round at the Nordea Masters in Sweden, acing the seventh and 11th holes at Bro Hof Slott Golf Club in Stockholm. He was the person on the European Tour to do so.

No. 7, which was his 16th hole of the day because he started on the back 9, was playing 208 yards on Friday. No. 11 measured 175 yards. The pair of priceless shots helped Dodt fire a 65 and make the weekend cut.


Dodt ended up shooting a 67 and a 73 over the final two rounds and finished tied for 44th. But who cares about his tournament result? Although Dodt probably welcomed his payday of 7,950 Euros, since his colleagues surely took advantage of his luck at the 19th hole. Does making two holes-in-one mean you have to buy everyone at the bar two drinks instead of one?

Dodt’s feat pales in comparison to North Korea’s former supreme leader, Kim Jong-il. Kim, who died in 2011, was said to have made five holes-in-one during his first ever round of golf. And, on average, he aced 3-4 holes each time he played.

After reading that, it’s clear that the kooky leader was the greatest golfer that ever lived. Guess we (and the rest of the world) missed that one.


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