European Tour Players Set World Record

The European Tour is always coming up with different ways to showcase both their players’ skill and personality. They’ve done trick shot videos that featured players skipping a ball 200 yards across a lake in Ireland, hitting clay pigeons out of the sky with golf balls in Dubai and they even challenged Rory McIlroy to a shot-for-shot contest against a robot.

The Tour’s latest installment features four-man teams from Spain, Denmark and France trying to set a Guinness World Record for the Fastest Hole of Golf.

The previous record was 68 seconds. The French team annihilated that mark finishing the par-5 in 34.8 seconds. The Danish squad had a little more difficulty completing the hole in 49 seconds. Spain’s team was doomed by a water-logged second shot hit by — fittingly — Sergio Garcia.

All in all, good fun.


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