Golf Royalty: Baby Photos Leaked

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While the world is waiting for the arrival of Prince William and Princess Kate’s royal bundle of joy, many people are overlooking the fact that the Open Championship has begun. Where are your priorities, people?!

Nevertheless, we at the Back9Network have you baby-lovers covered thanks to some clever investigative reporting from Kristen Anast (aka “my wife”). As it turns out, many of golf’s biggest names brought along their baby pictures with them to the Open Championship! HOW WEIRDLY CONVENIENT IS THAT?!

Let’s take a look:

Baby Phil Mickelson


Awwwwww… would you look at that? Looks like Phil’s “golly-gee” smirk has been with him for quite some time. It’s a little surprising that KPMG has sponsored Lefty for so long, but who am I to judge?

Baby Graeme McDowell

For crying out loud, somebody put some clothes on that kid! G-Mac has always had a way with the ladies, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see his handsome five-o-clock shadow was a staple even as an infant.

Baby Adam Scott


Wow, looks like the reigning Master Champion has had that victory yell nailed for quite a few years. I don’t know if Adam Scott needs a diaper change or if he’s just unhappy with that bucket hat, but someone get that kid a bottle!

Baby Rory McIlroy


Rory made a poopie! Now his game is just poopie, but that doesn’t mean the current World No. 2 (pun intended) will stay in his slump for long. Just look at his determination!

Baby Bubba Watson


Trust me Bubba; we are as surprised as you are in this picture. Look at the hair on that kid!

Baby Keegan Bradley


Keegan even had his crazy stare when he was learning to crawl, long before he won the PGA Championship. No word yet on if he anchored his bottle or not.

Baby Tiger Woods


Uh oh, looks like Baby Tiger is a little pouty today. If he knew he’d be dating Lindsey Vonn in the future, he might not look so sad.  Don’t worry, Tiger; in about 37 years, you’ll sign another mega-deal with Nike Golf! That should cheer you up.

Baby Paddy Harrington


We even found B9N Ambassador Paddy Harrington’s baby photo. Looks like he flashes his Irish smile constantly, especially during bath time!

Baby Sergio Garcia


Sorry Baby Sergio, but you couldn’t buy yourself a major championship victory then, and you certainly can’t do it now.

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