Harold Varner III Tries Out Google Glasses on Driving Range

Golf may be allowing Distance Measuring Devices on amateur circuits, but they won’t hit the PGA Tour anytime soon. That doesn’t mean the pros aren’t interested, though.

Harold Varner III, a Web.com Tour regular who received the Charlie Sifford Exemption this week at the Northern Trust Open, got his hands on a pair of Google Glasses and took them to the range. Naturally, they attracted the attention of others.

It sort of feels inevitable that all this technology will be allowed on the course during tournaments at some point, doesn’t it? If that day comes, all players would need is a robot/cart to carry their bags and caddies would be rendered all but useless. That would be a sad day.

Meantime, we have Google Glass – helping you see you see your poor golf game in a different light.

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