Ian Poulter and Steve Elkington Throw Down on Twitter

Everybody loves a good Twitter war. So when Ian Poulter and Steve Elkington got into a little tiff on Saturday, the world was treated to another Grade-A bickering between the two fan favorites.

Elkington took the first swing by replying to another Twitter user regarding Poulter’s absence from this week’s Hyundai Tournament of Champions:

Poulter does have quite the impressive car collection. In his typical passive-aggressive manner, Poulter responded to Elkington.

Elkington and Poulter eventually cut out the middle-men and addressed each other one-on-one.

A little more grab-ass followed from Elkington.

Finally, Poulter decided to take the “high road” and ended the dispute with this tweet:

Neither Poulter nor Elkington are afraid of speaking their minds, especially on social media. This is just another glaring example of why these two can’t have nice Twitter “things.”

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