Ian Poulter ‘Whoops Ass’ On Defenseless POSI+IV Cans

If you’ve ever wondered what a can of energy drink would look like if you opened it with an iron, Ian Poulter will gladly show you. In a new promotional video for POSI+IV, Poulter slices open cans of the drink, making for an awesome slow-motion video. The cans split right in half, as if he hit them with a sword. 

Check out the video below:

This isn’t the first time Poulter has taken a swing at a beverage, either. You might remember back in July when he took the “head” off of a glass of Stella Artois with a club in this trick shot video.

Yeah it was cool, and you should absolutely watch it again.

But if you’re really into watching things get hit by golf clubs swung at extremely high speeds, check out Does It Drive

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