Jason Dufner: I Got Maybe Another Five Years Left

The PGA Tour might be in Hartford for the Travelers Championship this week, but reigning PGA champion Jason Dufner was helping out a friend’s charity in Western Massachusetts on Friday. Dufner took part in a skins game, gave lessons in a free clinic, and took questions from the tournament participants — which is where things got interesting. 

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When asked about his interest in golf course architecture, Dufner said, “Oh yeah, definitely. You know, I’ve been reading some books, actually. I’ve been talking to Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore some, so I’m interested in it. It fascinates me.”

OK, nothing hard-hitting there, but then he continued.

“I’m not going to play golf forever,” he said. “I’m not going to be one of those guys who plays the senior tour. [It’s] not for me, I got another, maybe, five years left of doing this and then I’ll be on to something else, but I’m sure it’ll involve golf.”

Yes, you read that correctly: “Another, maybe, five years.”

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Now the question is: Has Dufner really thought this through or were his words just an off-the-cuff remark during a Q&A session at a pro-am? Either way, there’s plenty to speculate going forward. Obviously, we’d all like to see Dufner compete for as long as he can, but if he chooses to retire before 2019 or 2020, he’s confident he’ll find success somewhere else … kind of.

According to Dufner, he has “a lot of good ideas … maybe.” 

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