Jordan Spieth Speaks to Middle School About Saying No To Drugs

Jordan Spieth is the embodiment of a lot of buzz words: mature, relateable, grounded, approachable. He’s the kind of guy you want your daughter to date, or if we’re being honest, probably the son your parents wished you were. (Only kidding, we’re sure your parents love you and are very proud of you.)

On Wednesday in Allen, Texas — about 45 minutes from downtown Dallas — Spieth added to his already-three-page role model résumé by talking to Willow Springs Middle School about saying no to drugs. The wife of Spieth’s trainer, Damon Goddard, is an administrator at the school and was the link to get the No. 2 player in the world to come and talk to the kids.

Spieth was introduced by Goddard and if you don’t think golfers resonate with kids, listen to when Goddard mentions Speith’s name. 

Spieth spread a good message and even cracked some of his classic press conference jokes about not being in college very long, which went right over the kids’ heads, but undoubtedly made a room full of writers laugh somewhere.

(Thanks to Golf Digest for bringing this to our attention)