Keegan Bradley’s Collection Of Air Jordans Is Larger Than Yours

Think you have a lot of Air Jordans? Think again, because Keegan Bradley probably has more. Now, it’s understandable because he is an official Jordan Brand athlete after all, but his collection of kicks from No. 23 is absurd. 

We’ve all seen a wide array of styles and colors on Bradley’s feet — whether it be from his Instagram account or on tour — however, that’s just barely scratching the surface. For all you sneakerheads out there, Bradley shared all the juicy details of his stockpile.


“I’ve got about 50 pairs of golf shoes, plus sneakers,” Bradley said in an interview with Golf Magazine. “I have so many golf shoes, because the Jordan people—once they get me the newest pair, they’ve got two more coming out. Then they’ll send me a box of sneakers. They’re in my garage and in my closet.”

That’s a good problem to have. That is, unless he runs out of space in his garage and closet. Being an Air Jordan aficionado, though, he definitely won’t let that happen.


J’s to J’s @hedcheq the #mastermind

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If Bradley would like to keep this flow of shoes going, he’d be smart not to take a shot at Michael Jordan again in the future. The last time didn’t go so well.

What some may not know is the fact that Jordan puts secret messages on all of Bradley’s shoes. Keegan shared the story with Ahmad Rashad on Back9Network.

For more photos of Bradley’s kicks, check out the gallery below.



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