Lindsey Vonn Unsure if She’ll Be Ready for Olympics

Lindsey Vonn hopes to be back on skis and racing as soon as next week. But unsure of how her recently reinjured knee will respond, Tiger Woods‘ girlfriend admits she doesn’t know if she’ll be back in time for the Sochi Olympics, which are just 71 days away.

Vonn appeared on the “Today Show” this morning from her home in Vail, which isn’t far from the Copper Mountain course on which she partially tore her right ACL last week following a training crash. Vonn has yet to compete since tearing her ACL and MCL in a February crash at the world championships.

“The fall caused my knee to give out,” Vonn said. “If I hadn’t had my brace on, I definitely would not have had anything left in my knee. It was one of those fluke-y things that sometimes happens. Unfortunately, it was really bad timing for me, but I’m still confident. I still feel like I have a lot left to achieve this season, I just have to kind of take it day by day right now, but I still have time before Sochi.”

Vonn said she felt strong while doing some balancing exercises on Tuesday, but feeling stable in the gym and feeling stable on a downhill course are two very different things.

Nonetheless, no one can fault Vonn for not working hard. She posted this to Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday afternoon:

Working hard in therapy today. Making progress! #IWILL #sochi2014 #workinghard

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