Michelle Wie & Stacy Lewis: Friends or Rivals?

Michelle Wie and Stacy Lewis are the two most well-known female golfers in the world. These two ladies have had an awesome year, Wie winning the U.S. Women’s Open and Lewis securing the title of No. 1 golfer in the world. And with the RICOH Women’s British Open underway, these two stars will definitely be under the spotlight.

Another thing making the news this British Open is the duo’s friendship. Lewis and Wie may be competitors on the course, but off the course they are just two friends connected by golf.

They consider themselves polar opposites. Lewis is a perfectionist and Wie more of a free spirit. Lewis sees Wie as an artist. “You go to her house, she’s painted everything that’s on her walls. I need my sister to help me decorate,” Lewis said during a press conference this week.


Wie affectionately describes Lewis as really motivated. “She’s pissed off (if) she was fourth place, and I really admire that. I think that looking at her and kind of seeing her do that, you know, her work ethic is just unbelievable.”

When they aren’t competing on tour, Lewis and Wie often play friendly golf together back home in Jupiter, Fla.

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“We usually play in the morning and then go have lunch,” Lewis said. “And she usually gets very focused on the lunch and kind of doesn’t pay attention to the whole golf side of it. She’ll tell you the same thing.”

Wie is the first to admit that she has a serious affection for food, which may explain why she said she “felt like a donut fresh out of the fryer, rolling around in the sugar,” after winning the U.S. Women’s Open.

Lewis and Wie took a break from the course and hung out like normal friends this past Fourth of July. Wie threw a party which Lewis attended.  Wie said at this party there was no twerking involved, they just hung out and “blew up some fireworks.”

Lewis and Wie are both ready to compete for the 2014 British Open. They will put their friendship on the back burner and play to win, even if that means going to head to head. If it does come down to a Lewis vs. Wie final, a great rivalry in the LPGA may be sparked. 

Lewis thinks this could be a good thing. “I think rivals are great for any sport,” she said. “I don’t think you have to hate each other because we are never going to hate each other. But I can tell you we both want to beat each other once we get on the golf course, and that’s all you need for a rivalry to work.”

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