Miguel Angel Jimenez Has World’s ‘Most Interesting’ Wedding

When we read the headline, “Miguel Angel Jimenez marries his birdie Susanna Styblo in wedding par-tee of the year,” the images that came to mind were many. Cigars galore, red wine flowing like Rae’s Creek, the moves on display during the first dance.

But then we saw photos from the ceremony. Considering this was the most interesting golfer in the world we’re talking about here, the pictures were very, well, un-interesting. Maybe we set our hopes too high. Then again, these shots are only from the ceremony, not the reception. Those pics might tell another story.

Yet, we’re not trying to knock the couple’s big day. Jimenez sported a nice, black suit, and his beautiful bride, Susanna Styblo, donned an elegant white gown. They were wed at the Golf Academy Miguel Angel Jimenez in Torremolinos, Spain, and everything looked exquisite. The shot of Jimenez and Styblo atop a vintage Rolls Royce is cover photo material.

Check them out:

Among the guests were fellow Spanish golfer Jose Maria Olazabal and Spanish bullfighter Pepin Liria:

Photo Gallery: Miguel Angel Jimenez


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