Natalie Gulbis Mixes Golf With Baseball

Golf is too hard. Golf is too expensive. These are among the many reasons why many kids never take up the game.

Most children are busy playing football or basketball or soccer or baseball, or video games about football, basketball, soccer or baseball. If only there was a way to incorporate golf into a game they already know so well.

Natalie Gulbis found a way: Golf ball, or baseball golf, or golf baseball. The game is played like baseball, only with a golf club and an oversized golf ball.

Golf ball. Basically baseball rules but with an oversized golf ball. Fun game to play with kids. I learned it from a teacher at a boys and girls club event. We played it today at Saddleback Valley christian school with @Todd lovesme2 class

Surely this isn’t the first time baseball has been played with golf clubs, but it may be the first time these kids have played that way. It may be the first time they’ve held a golf club. It may be that through this hybrid game, they find it more enjoyable to hit a stationary ball rather than one being thrown at them.

Last week, Gulbis visited the same Saddleback Valley Christian School and instructed students on the real game of golf.

Fun helping @toddlovesme2 and @torirodarmel with golf class at Saddleback Valley Christian School. Really exciting to see Golf taught as in Junior and High school during PE/Sport time.


Natalie Gulbis Photo Gallery:

Natalie Gulbis Photo Gallery

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