No Diamond in the Rough

You and your boys are out on the course in the middle of July. You’ve just made the turn and you grab your favorite foods at the snack shack. The burgers are sometimes overcooked and the snack shack just ran out of your favorite beer.

Welcome to the new definition of “choking” on the tee box. You shove the leather, sandwiched between two buns, down your throat and get ready to tee off. With some ketchup & mustard still on your fingers you feel the stickiness through your glove. Take the club back…it’s a duff and your ball lands on the cart path.

Head held low, all you can think about was how much better that beer would be right now. As you start walking to your ball, you hear the sound of the beer cart. Here she comes! You can either take the drop or you can try and impress her.

Apparently if Phil Mickelson was in this position he’d show off his greasy skills. Check out this video of him hitting it off the cart path at the WGC-Cadillac Championship: