One Year Later, #Dufnering Phenomenon Lives On

Your grandma always told you not to slouch. Well, your grandma didn’t know Jason Dufner.

One year ago today, #Dufnering became a thing and slouching became a cool phenomenon. Like planking and Tebowing, the race was on to photograph oneself slouching like the Duf Daddy in odd/unique locations.

We all have Keegan Bradley to thank for our poor posture. Dufner’s greatest antagonist (and best pal) ignited the craze with this tweet:

Which led to this tweet the following morning:

And then it was on. Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Ian Poulter – a whole host of pros mimicked their fellow competitor. The likes of Lindsey Vonn and the Duck Dynasty crew requested Dufner for cameos. Pictures of animals Dufnering poured in from the internet.

A few months later, Dufner won his first major, the PGA Championship, and Dufnering was on again. That victory, coupled with the widespread adoption of his internet meme, led to Dufner becoming a breakout star in 2013.

One year later, Dufner is still a star, #Dufnering is still a phenomenon, and grandmas have given up on slouching.

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