PGA Tour Denies Vijay Request

Thank you for tuning in to the newest installment of “As These Deer Antlers Turn,” starring Vijay Singh and his legal team. In this week’s episode, the PGA Tour and their attorneys deny Vijay’s discovery request for information related to possible drug violators.

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More specifically, Singh’s continued demands to review documents and communications related to “the possible or actual violation of the [PGA Tour’s Anti-Doping] Program” for five other pro golfers have fallen onto deaf ears. The five golfers in question include Doug Barron, Matt Every, Mark Calcavecchia, Scott Verplank and Dustin Johnson.

Here’s a quick rundown as to why Singh gives a damn about the history of those other players:

– Doug Barron was the first golfer suspended under the Tour’s policy in 2009, which prompted a lawsuit by Barron, and the case was settled.

– Matt Every was arrested in 2010 for marijuana possession, which lead to a Tour suspension before all charges were eventually dropped.

– Mark Calcavecchia once endorsed deer antler spray – the same stuff Vijay admitted to using – but was never suspended after learning the substance did not conform to the Tour policy.

– As far as Scott Verplank and Dustin Johnson? Nobody knows why the hell Singh cares about them.


What Singh is trying to prove is whether or not the PGA Tour has been enforcing their policy inconsistently and/or showing a level of favoritism toward certain players. If that is the case – which we will probably never know, at least not any time soon – then Singh’s legal team will bring down the hammer on the Tour in the form of a massive lawsuit citing disparate treatment of its players.

Of course, none of this changes the fact that Vijay Singh admitted to using an illegal substance. Whatever Barron, Every, Calcavecchia, Verplank or Johnson have done in the past has absolutely nothing to do with Vijay’s case. Instead, he is coming off as someone carrying a “if I’m going down, you’re coming with me” mentality.

Let’s just say Vijay won’t be getting a lot of Secret Santa gifts from these guys this holiday season.

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