Phil Mickelson Hits Marshal In Head With A Drive

It’s been a bad couple of days for spectators’ heads at PGA Tour events. Last week, Tony Finau bombed a drive that bloodied a fan’s head — only to totally redeem himself with flowers and chocolate — and on Thursday at the Memorial Tournament, Phil Mickelson bounced a drive off of a marshal.

On the 15th hole at Muirfield Village Golf Club, Mickelson pulled his drive right on the par-5. After nicking a few tree limbs on its way down, the ball ricocheted off of a marshal’s head all the way across the fairway. 

In Phil being Phil fashion, he walked over to the marshal – who actually gave him a better angle to the green — and said, “”If your head was a touch softer I’d be in the fairway.”

Phil then signed a glove with a heartfelt note (no word if he slipped some cash in there as he is wont to do) and went on to birdie the hole in Mickelsonian fashion.

After the round, Phil compared the marshal to Muhammad Ali because of how he took the hit.

Never change Phil.



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