Rickie Fowler, Peter Uihlein: Flop Shot Masters

If you follow the PGA Tour, you know the slogan: “These Guys Are Good.” Of course they are, earning millions in a sport that we spend millions to play.

But everyone’s job can get monotonous. When you do something day after day after day, it’s natural to yearn for a little change of pace. And when you’re a professional athlete, as the great Allen Iverson once alluded, practice gets old.

So Rickie Fowler and Peter Uihlein, former Oklahoma State teammates, decided to have a little contest while practicing over the weekend: Take two large steps back from a 25-foot net surrounding a driving range, and send a flop shot over the top.

Super flops with @peteruihlein…2 paces off a 25 foot fence…sure why not #BAM

Realizing that shot, while massively impressive, may never come into play in a real tournament, they ventured inside the net to work on driving.

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