Rory Talks Trash to a Robot

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Meet J.E.F.F.

J.E.F.F. is the name of a golf laboratory computer seen in a recent European Tour commercial starring Rory McIlroy. The two very well might also be the funniest combo to grace a driving range in recent memory.

As you can see, Rory and J.E.F.F. take turns hitting golf balls into various washing machines placed on the business end of a driving range. Part of the Euro Tour’s “See Every Shot Imaginable” campaign, it is a playful homage to McIlroy’s favorite past-time as a child.

Even though Rory is struggling lately on the golf course – he suggested he felt “lost” after shooting 74 in his first round at this week’s Irish Open – he might have a future waiting for him as a comedian. Which is exactly what I am sure McIlroy would like to be remembered for years from now.

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