Sports Illustrated Releases 2016 Anonymous Players Poll

Sports Illustrated released their annual Anonymous Player Poll on Tuesday, but there wasn’t much Rickie Fowler-esque motivation to be gleaned from the 150 players’ answers. Last year, Fowler and Ian Poulter were pegged as the leading vote getters as to who were believed to be the most overrated players on Tour.

SI interviewed more than 150 players from the PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions and LPGA Tour.

Here are some of the most interesting responses. 

Will Tiger Woods win another PGA Tour event?


Yes 42%

No 27%

Don’t know 31%

Loose Lips: “I’m optimistic, but running out of reasons.”


Yes 72%

No 23%

Don’t know 5%

Loose Lips: “I don’t even know if he’ll play again.”


Yes 36%

No 64%

If you were to be in a bar fight, who would you want to have your back?


Ernie Els 15%

Keegan Bradley 9%

Ángel Cabrera 7%

Pat Perez 5%

Brooks Koepka 4%

No one out here 18%

Others 42%

Loose Lips: “I’ve heard some bar stories about Ernie.”


Jim Thorpe 17%

Esteban Toledo 15%

Bill Glasson 12%

Marco Dawson 7%

Kenny Perry 7%

Others 42%

Loose Lips: “Esteban—he’s a boxer.”

Would you rather win the PGA Championship or an Olympic gold medal?

PGA 71%

Gold 29%

Loose Lips: “Gold would be cool, but a major is a major.”

The Players or a gold medal?

The Players 62%

Gold 38%

The Texas Open or a gold medal?

Gold Medal 76%

Texas 24%

Loose Lips: “Texas Open comes with a big paycheck.”



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