This Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy Ad Will Give You The Chills

We all grow up trying to imitate and mimic our favorite athlete’s every move dreaming of one day filling those same shoes and shining in that same spotlight. Countless hours are left out on the playing surface and in the gym chasing the dream.  As we watch our heroes produce highlight after highlight and fist pump their way to victory, the sport somehow turns into a personal addiction.  How did he make that shot, that throw, that move?  We tell ourselves that we NEED to be able to do that as well, no matter how many times it may take.   

For some, like Rory McIlroy, that dream later turns into a reality.

There’s no doubt the next generation’s big star will be watching McIlroy this week at Augusta National as he tries to make history and complete the career Grand Slam.

Keep chasing that dream, kid. We’ll be patiently awaiting your stardom.