Tiger Woods Thinks Jordan, Romo, Curry Can Make Golf Cool

Depending on who you ask, golf is either on the rise or on its way to becoming irrelevant.

One argument: Rory McIlroy is in the midst of the best stretch of golf since Tiger Woods in the 2000s, and he’ll be a boon for years to come. He’s young (25) and cool (fit, sports fan, dates models?), which in turn makes golf cool, especially for the young demographic.

The flip side: Tiger Woods is hurt and aging, and the only reason so many people watch and/or play golf now is because of him. Golf tournaments are only interesting if he’s in contention, and as he starts to exit the world stage, people will stop tuning in on TV or showing up at the driving range.

Regardless, it’s widely accepted that Tiger made golf cool (cooler than it was, at least) and he has an idea of how it will stay cool – by athletes like Michael Jordan, Tony Romo and Stephen Curry playing, and playing well.

Tiger dropped those names while speaking with Bloomberg as part of his media tour this week:

He could also throw current athletes like Peyton Manning, Ray Allen and Kyle Lohse in that mix, or former pros like Wayne Gretzky and John Elway. Golf is definitely cool among elite athletes.

So with all that star power enjoying golf, why don’t we get Tiger and Rory to play mic’d-up matches with other pro athletes? We all enjoyed the banter between Woods and McIlroy in their “Match at Mission Hills” last year; how much better could a made-for-TV event like that be if, say, Jordan and Manning completed the foursome? Or what if Woods was joined in a quartet with Jordan, Romo and Curry, and competed against McIlroy, Manning, Allen and Lohse?

That would attract some attention from the younger demographic golf wants to reach.

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