TrendyGolf: Henrik Stenson Talks Golf Fashion

Hi Henrik. We often see you looking very well-turned out on course. Are you a fashion conscious golfer?

“Hi TrendyGolf! I would say I am fashion conscious. I try to look good and get things right in terms of colour coordinating – this is made a lot easier by the great range of clothing available to me. I have been with Hugo Boss since 2004 and I really value the relationship I have with the brand. Boss has made huge strides into the golf marketplace and I honestly believe it makes some of the best apparel.”

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We saw you at Isleworth taking part in the Tavistock Cup earlier this year, an event that Hugo Boss sponsored. Was it nice to wear your normal clothes for that event?

“Well, we are obliged to wear the apparel sponsor’s gear in that event, no matter which brand that is, so it was really nice that Boss sponsored it this year because it meant I was in my comfort zone. It was also a chance for the rest of the top players to appreciate the quality of the Hugo Boss range that I wear every week. I think some of the American guys are used to wearing baggier clothing, so they may not have felt entirely in their comfort zones… but there’s no doubt about it that they looked better in Boss! They definitely looked cooler!”


What attracted you to working with Hugo Boss?

“I think it’s a great brand – that’s always been clear. But more than anything I was looking for a range of clothing that was functional for the golf course, but also fashionable. Boss have perfected this principle with a European aesthetic that really suits me. What’s more, they have a range of materials and products available that are tailored to different weather conditions – that’s an essential part of things for me as I play in so many different climates but am always safe in the knowledge that Boss can provide what’s required.”

What’s the one single garment you always pack in your suitcase?

“I love the Quarter Zip Zelchior Pro”.  It is comfortable and classy and something you can wear on or off the course. I’m pleased that a version of this garment has stayed constant throughout each new range over the last few years.”

How important is the way you look on the golf course?

Henrik_Stenson_Article2“It is important for two reasons – comfort and style… In terms of comfort: If you look good then you feel good, and if you feel good on the course then that could be worth a shot a day. Then, in terms of style: I think style is a key component to a tour pro’s identity. I like my golf to do the talking, but how you dress can determine how you’re received. It’s a very individual choice, which is why you have some guys who dress louder or more conservative than others.”

How would you describe your own personal style?

“My own personal style blends the best of all influences, in my eyes. It has elements of classic cuts and solid colours, mixed with sporty pieces at times. Everything Boss releases oozes quality, and so hopefully I always stay classy.”

How much input do you have on the Hugo Boss design process?

“A fair amount, I would say. They tend to seek my feedback after each season and I always try to give them valuable input in that sense. I will ask if I think something could be different and I’m always keen to tell them the stuff that I particularly like so that they continue it into the next season. Boss are always striving to improve, which is why I think the golf range remains so strong.”

Fellow Hugo Boss-sponsored golfer Martin Kaymer has released his own signature ‘MK Collection’. Is that something you’d be interested in doing?

“Who knows? I might be! I think Boss have their hands full with Martin at the moment, but maybe I would look to do this in the future. Watch this space!”


The idea of TrendyGolf began back in January 2004 when a couple of self-confessed golf nuts were discussing the new designer brand ‘look’ that was winding its way on to golf courses all over the world. TrendyGolf is not just aimed at the fashionable golfer; it is an institution that wants to bring the latest designs from the trendiest designers around the world, to the fore front of fashion, both on and off course. It’s all about confidence and with TRENDYGOLF.COM as your personal tailor, you’ll be one up on the first tee against your uninspiring opponent.


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