Tuna Melt or Reuben? Find Out ‘How Duf Does It’

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be one of the greatest golfers on the planet? Do you stay up at night pondering how to become a tour pro or even a major champion like Jason Dufner? 

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Well, if you have then you’re still out of luck. But if you want to know how to eat a tuna melt or how to make yourself a kick-ass late night snack, you’ll definitely want to watch this video to find out “how Duf does it.” 

Tuna melt? That’s funny … I thought Duf Daddy was partial to Reuben sandwiches? Oh well … 

Late last week Dufner took to Twitter to tease us about the video, thanking Funny or Die for the nachos and left us wondering why he was eating a tuna melt at their studios: 

Here’s to hoping the Dufner/Funny or Die team is one that sticks together. Everyone loves the Duf’s dry humor and I, for one, would like to see more of the “That’s How Duf Does It” franchise — or anything else they want to team up on. 

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