VIDEO: Ouimet Scholarship Winner’s Inspirational Speech at Centennial Gala


The Ouimet Scholarship Fund is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Francis Ouimet’s stunning upset victory in the 1913 U.S. Open at The Country Club in Brookline. Every year, the Ouimet Fund asks its scholarship recipients to write an essay about the values they’ve learned from golf and the golf business, and the winner delivers the essay as the banquet’s keynote speech.

Julia McCarthy did not disappoint.

She has been a golf caddy at Green Hill Municipal Golf Course in Worcester, Mass., since seventh grade, and is an English and theatre major at Holy Cross. And she is quite eloquent.

If you’ve ever loved the sport, or loved someone who does, or if you want to see how golf can bring people together and new people into it, well, just watch Julia McCarthy’s moving address to the Ouimet Scholarship Fund’s Centennial Gala.

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