What’s It Like To Golf With President Obama?

Thanks to his 16-day Hawaiian vacation, President Obama’s golf game has garnered plenty of — likely more than is necessary — discussion.

There was his first few days on the islands where he relaxed away his stress on the links. There was the day he forced the relocation of an army wedding because of his tee time. And he reportedly wrapped up his vacation the same way it started, save for the addition of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, who was vacationing with his family nearby and made a visit.

Given the focus of attention on Obama’s golfing habits — while on vacation, mind you — we wondered what it would be like teeing it up alongside POTUS. For instance, outside of the likely many mulligans and footwedges gone “unnoticed,” what’s it like?

Fortunately for us, a New York Times reporter was on a mission to find out:

“He got around the golf course the way my uncle used to. He didn’t have a picture-perfect swing.”

“He needles you in the best sense of the word. He makes a bad shot, and he makes fun of himself. You make a bad shot, and he makes a joke with you. He just seems happy to be out there, so the poor play doesn’t bother him.”

“If you came down from Mars and saw his disposition on the golf course, you would think he would be a pretty good president. He’s honest, he keeps his composure through terrible adversity, he’s unruffled, he smiles, and he doesn’t quit.”

Those were just a few quotes from the golfers interviewed in the article which also mentioned the odd focus on the President’s affinity for the game and why he plays so much — as well as the playful comments from Michael Jordan on Back9Network’s AHMAD RASHAD which garnered even more attention:

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