Where’s John Daly? Downstream Casino

You can’t fault John Daly. He only promotes what he knows, and that’s golf, gambling and drinking.

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The big hitter sent out a tweet this morning to let his 341k followers know that the John Daly drink is available at the Downstream Casino Resort in Quapaw, Okla. The drink, in case you’re not familiar, is lemonade, iced tea, and vodka. Or in other words, an alcoholic version of an Arnold Palmer.

We don’t believe Daly ever had any illusions, but Arnold Palmer he’ll never be. While Daly is out there giving a shout-out to a casino, Palmer is getting putting tips from supermodel Kate Upton. Then there’s also the whole ability to play good golf thing.

But like we said, Daly only promotes what he knows. And apparently he knows how to sing and play the piano:

He also knows a good casino when Barry Switzer shows him one:

And of course, he knows how to slug the long ball:

h/t Golf.com

Related Links: John Daly Hits Ball out of Guy’s Mouth 

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