Golf Digest Top-50 Best Golf-Fitness Instructor Launches Lance Gill Performance App

SwingU, the golf technology and media company, announced today that Lance Gill, president and owner of Lance Gill Performance, Oceanside, California, has launched the Lance Gill Performance app in partnership with SwingU Academies.

Lance Gill Performance (LGP) is a golf improvement organization focusing on passionate golfers of all levels and passionate professionals within the golf industry (medical, fitness, golf, mental, nutritional, equipment). LGP specializes in the understanding of human movement as it relates to the game we love so much, whether from a player or business provider perspective. Using advanced physical screening, technology platforms, intricate educational approach and constant communication, the LGP team delivers knowledge to your world in an effective, efficient and timely manner.

The LGP app will provide students with an engaging, academy-like experience including a forum where students, Lance and the LGP team will share videos, stories and interact on everything in golf and fitness. For a monthly or annual fee, students will gain members-only access to 1-on-1 consultations with the LGP team, anytime, anywhere access to LGPs well-organized library of tips, movements and drills as well as a Movement Locker where students can film, save and categorize their movement videos to send into the LGP team for analysis and review.

LGP offers a diverse approach to learning and improving your world of golf and/or business through 20+ years in the marketplace. LGP believes in having fun along the journey to better golf and better business, and that is evident in our approach to instruction.

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