Swing by Swing Golf Launches Enhanced GPS, Scorecard, Stats and Instruction App

Swing by Swing Golf, Inc., the golf technology and media company, announced today that it has launched a redesigned GPS, scorecard & statistics app, which will include the industry’s only 1-on-1, in-app training platform operated by its world-class Swing-U instruction staff. 

Since the company launched in 2010, the SwingxSwing app has grown to nearly 4.5 million users worldwide, building a best-in-golf reputation for on-the-course GPS & scorecard functionality. The top-rated app now possesses a sleeker, faster user interface & design, as well as a complete integration of Swing-U, its personalized instruction & training app.  

Free users of SwingxSwing will continue to enjoy distances to greens & hazards and a digital scorecard for every course in the world, along with a free stats & handicap profile. Due to the Swing-U integration, all users will have access to free instruction tips from Swing-U’s instructor team, led by top-25 golf teacher Gary Gilchrist, and his certified staff, which includes two of golf’s top social influencers and entertainers, Josh Kelley and Ryan Rustand.

In addition, SwingxSwing will offer free users a variety of improved premium features. A “Looper” upgrade ($3.99 per month / $23.99 per year) will provide users with a robust digital-caddie experience, presenting wind speed, elevation, “plays like” distances, “zoom-in” green views, enhanced scorecard & stats, shot tracking & club recommendations and on-the-course games.

The Premium subscription ($14.99 per month / $99.99 per year) will provide golfers with Looper’s benefits and a more DIY-centric instruction module, including a student swing locker for filming & saving swings, a growing library of 500+ drills & lessons Gilchrist uses with tour pro clients, and one personalized online lesson per month providing both swing analysis and prescriptive drills. Premium Plus ($24.99 per month / $199.99 per year) includes the benefits of both Looper and Premium, but also provides each student with five personalized lessons per month. 

“We want to be the golf industry’s leader in affordable, game-improvement smartphone technology, so we’re very excited about the new SwingxSwing app,” said Clint Jarvis, EVP, Product Development at Swing by Swing Golf. “The team has worked extremely hard to offer golfers something unparalleled in the golf app marketplace, while building upon our reputation for reliable, easy-to-use apps.”

About Swing by Swing Golf, Inc.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Hartford, CT, Swing by Swing Golf, Inc. is a golf technology and media company.  The company owns and operates top-rated mobile apps across GPS & scorecard, instruction & training and social & ball tracing. It also offers world-class branded content & marketing services, giving advertisers access to the most engaged daily golf e-newsletter in the world as well as more than 1 million monthly active users across its app plaforms. The company also develops customized, one-of-a-kind apps for several of the world’s top golf clubs, instructors and academies.

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