SwingU To Debut SwingU Coach At GCAA & WGCA Conventions In Las Vegas

SwingU, the sports technology and media company, announced that it will exhibit at the 2022 Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) National Convention and the 2022 Women’s Golf Coaches Association (WGCA) Member Convention held concurrently December 4-7 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

At the conventions, SwingU is excited to debut its new platform, SwingU Coach, the ultimate coaching & statistics platform. Designed with both teams & academies in mind, SwingU Coach features an all-new Coach Portal, which delivers advanced statistical reporting for an entire roster. The portal puts an emphasis on Strokes Gained Analytics to identify each player’s strengths & weaknesses, which leads to more effective coaching by using informed decisions to design effective practices, drive line-up decisions and encourage overall team success.

Within the platform, coaches & instructors will use the Performance Module to identify program leaders in each statistical category. They will also be able to access Individual Student Analysis to dive deeper into a specific student’s stats, allowing coaches & instructors to analyze & filter player stats at an aggregate and round-by-round level.

Coaches & instructors will be delivered the data via the SwingU App’s best-in-class game-improvement platform, SwingU Premium. Each player will input their stats into SwingU’s easy-to-use strokes gained system, which automatically logs & populates their scores & stats to the Coach Portal.

In addition to exhibiting, SwingU’s Chief Data Officer, Peter Sanders, will be a Presenting Speaker at the GCAA National Convention on Tuesday, December 6. The inventor of strokes gained, Peter will give an interactive presentation on the history of the stat, how & why it’s gained mainstream acclaim from the best players & instructors in the world, as well as how it can help any golfer easily & objectively identify their strengths & weaknesses in order to improve.

Learn more about SwingU Coach at the 2022 GCAA National Convention & the 2022 WGCA Member Convention (Booth #220), or schedule a meeting or online demo by visiting SwingU.com/Coaches.

About SwingU
Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, SwingU is a sports technology and media company focused on golf game improvement. The company owns and operates the top-rated golf game-improvement app across GPS, scorecard, statistics and instruction. SwingU Clubhouse publishes an email newsletter reaching hundreds of thousands of golfers daily. Lastly, SwingU Coach offers the ultimate coaching & statistics platform for both golf teams and academies. For more company information, please visit www.swingu.com.

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