SwingU’s Clubhouse Launches New Content Strategy

SwingU, the golf technology and media company, announced today that it has updated its SwingU Clubhouse daily newsletter and website to include instruction tips and videos from some of the best-known and well-respected teachers in the world.

“Over the last few months, we’ve been introducing a number of high-profile and nationally-recognized instructors as SwingU partners and members of our Master Faculty,” said Clint Jarvis, Chief Content & Marketing Officer at SwingU. “In parallel with building online academies for these top teachers, we’re also going to provide our large daily newsletter audience with lessons and drills from the best golf coaches in the world.”

SwingU’s Master Faculty is comprised of teachers with expertise across golf, fitness and the mental game, and includes several household names in golf such as Hank Haney, Jim Hardy, Chris O’Connell, Michael Breed, Stan Utley, Gary Gilchrist, Jason Sutton, Gary Gray, Dr. Joe Parent and the infamous Club Pro Guy.

In addition to instruction and training, the Clubhouse newsletter will cover various topics across the golf lifestyle, such as tour coverage, crazy golf news, rules, equipment, apparel, top-10 lists, comedy, galleries and social influencer content.

“The Clubhouse brand has a long track record of engaging its audience with awesome golf content all year round, but we’ve never had a stable of original content creators like we do now,” added Charles Cox, CEO of SwingU. “Clubhouse will provide golfers with daily, original content from some of the golf industry’s top teachers, entertainers, social influencers and journalists.”

SwingU offers the industry’s easiest-to-use GPS, scorecard, statistics and instruction app. In addition to publishing daily content to golfers via the SwingU Clubhouse e-newsletter and website, SwingU provides advertising and direct-to-consumer solutions through SwingU Marketing and third-party app development through SwingU Academies. SwingU has grown to 4.5 million app users worldwide, building a best-in-golf reputation for on-the-course GPS & scorecard functionality and the most comprehensive golf instruction & coaching features in the world.

About SwingU

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, SwingU is a golf technology and media company.  The company owns and operates top-rated mobile apps: SwingU (GPS, scorecard, statistics & instruction); gottaGolf; and The Golf Tracer (social and ball tracing). SwingU Marketing offers world-class branded content & marketing services, giving advertisers access to SwingU Clubhouse, the most engaged daily golf e-newsletter in the world, as well as more than 1 million monthly active users across its app platforms. SwingU Academies develops customized, world-class apps for instructors and academies. 

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