REVIEW: Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy

What’s the most expensive piece of equipment in your golf bag? Your mind likely immediately starts comparing price tags on your driver and putter, but in reality, it’s likely your cell phone that cost you the most.

And before you say, “My cell phone isn’t a piece of golf equipment,” just know that the only reason you might be thinking that way is because you’re not using it properly. 

Whether you’re utilizing the power of your smartphone or not, there’s no arguing that a golf cart wasn’t designed with smartphone preservation in mind. Between the cupholder and the cart cubby, your cell phone bouncing around for four hours can’t be good for it, and that’s where Desert Fox Golf’s Phone Caddy comes in clutch.

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The Product

Desert Fox Golf was borne out of necessity. Co-founders Scott Kovesdy and Eric Fox had business and engineering backgrounds, respectively, but as golf buddies, they found themselves always concerned with their phones on the course — rattling around in the cupholder, bothering them in their pockets, or worse yet, sitting in the fairway next to where they hit their approach shot a few holes prior.

“Our goal was to build an easy-to-use, rugged holder for our phone while we were golfing,” the co-founders say. “We wanted to have our phone in a safe place, but still be able to take advantage of the rich experience that golfing apps provide.”

Attaching to any golf cart frame by virtue of a heavy-duty velcro strap, the Phone Caddy’s design allows for manual adjustments that will accommodate practically any smartphone on the market regardless of make or model. 

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When used properly, your phone is snug in the Phone Caddy, but easily extractable if you’re not able to drive directly next to your ball for a yardage, you need to remove it for a phone call or you’d like to send a more traditional two-handed text message. 

The form and function of the Phone Caddy marries perfectly for an on-course accessory.

If you’re looking for more proof, look no further than With more than 4,300 reviews, the Phone Caddy comes in at an impressive 4.7-star average, including nearly 3,500 5-star reviews.

The Takeaway

We’re all looking for more convenience on the course, and beyond simply making our lives easier, Desert Fox Golf’s Phone Caddy actually makes golf easier. 

Allowing users to utilize the technology of their smartphones in a simple and intuitive way is half the battle for an app, and the Phone Caddy removes the barrier to entry that can come with constantly picking up and putting down your phone.

What’s more, the Phone Caddy comes in a variety of colors and can be fully customizable to be made in bulk for tournaments or outings.

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The Phone Caddy is available on the Desert Fox Golf website or Amazon for $25.00.