REVIEW: Pyramid P3 Pharaoh Wedge

What You Need To Know

  • The Pyramid P3 Pharaoh Wedge is available in 45°, 50° & 55° and bundles of 45°/ 50° and 45°/ 50° / 55°
  • Features slide rails, sight line aiming, a more upright lie angle, grooves across the clubface and a super-low center of gravity to increase backspin
  • Retails for $179.00 each; but now available for $129.00. Comes in right-handed and left-handed dexterities 

How far do you hit your wedge? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who carries two wedges or five, when faced with that question, you probably have an answer. That’s because practically every wedge is seen as a short iron, a scoring club, something meant to be hit with a full swing. 

Now think about what you chip with… it’s probably one of those wedges, right? A club that has been built and designed for a full swing, but you – the amateur golfer – are forced to make the adjustment with a club not built for the shot at hand.

That all changes with the Pharaoh Wedge, the world’s first Utility Scoring Wedge (USW) that is designed specifically to be hit around the greens on chip and pitch shots. 

It’s one of those so painfully obvious things that somehow no golfer has ever brought to fruition. Instead, manufacturers have added bounce to wedges in the hopes of making chipping and pitching slightly easier, but it’s a half-hearted measure. The leading edge and traditional lie angles are meant to cut through turf at high speeds; not on delicate short chips.

First Impressions

The Pyramid P3 Pharaoh Wedge is unique, that much is clear. The clubhead is made of cast carbon steel with black PVD coating, which gives it a clean, matte-looking finish, but it’s the shape that is different. 

The clubhead comes to a point in the middle of the face unlike the traditional rounded features of a wedge. This is a bit off-putting at first, but understanding what the wedge is designed to be used for alleviates any concerns of sky balls that might come off the heel or toe of the club. That point also features some alignment aids similar to a topline on a putter.

The other thing about the clubhead: it’s heavy. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that’s by design as well. It’s about 20% heavier than your typical wedge, which is meant to encourage a more big-muscle shot than the wristy action many deal with in traditional wedges. 

Similarly, an upright shaft angle leads to more of a putter feel over the ball… again, by design. You’re not trying to fly this thing 125 yards. It’s meant to cover a little bit of ground and then roll out like a putt.

On The Course

The most important thing to know about the Pyramid P3 Pharaoh Wedge is that this is a specialty club. Like the driver, which you (should) only use on the teeing ground with a ball teed up, this club is made for around the greens. 

You’re not pulling this club out except in very specific circumstances. This isn’t a burden; it’s a simplification of the game, and it should be embraced. Fewer options lead to more committed decisions. When you’re 100 yards out, you need to hit a pitching wedge or gap wedge; when you’re just off the green, it’s the Pharoah. End of consideration. 

This club’s superpower is what club manufacturers half-baked as stated above: its chunk-proof, self-squaring sole. Instead of a few degrees of bounce and grinds that no one understands, the Pharaoh lies flat on the ground like a putter and takes exactly one shot to give you the feedback you need.

The ability to slap the bottom of the Pharaoh into the ground and feel the sole cut through the turf only to see the ball pop up onto the green is what we’re told normal bounce is supposed to do. The big difference with the Pharaoh is that instead of a sharp leading edge that can stop a club dead in its tracks, there’s nothing stopping this freight train.

That confidence takes blading a shot out of the mindset. One time digging that leading edge into the ground is enough to throw off the rest of the round, leading to pulling up and hitting that ball right in the teeth, sending it screaming across the green.

Trying to hit a shot fat with this club only led to longer chip shots by distance because of the force I was trying to put into the ground. The club continued to do what it claimed to – what a novel concept!

The Takeaway

As previously stated, the concept behind the Pyramid P3 Pharaoh Wedge seems so obvious, it’s crazy it hasn’t been considered before. Like the driver or the sand wedge, a specialty chipping wedge has never been fully fleshed out or manufactured.

Why? That’s anyone’s guess. We get 14 clubs, and it stands to reason that certain facets of the game that routinely require multiple specialty shots per round should have a club specifically associated with it. That’s a different conversation for a different day.

The Pyramid P3 Pharaoh Wedge is that club. Throw chipping technique, ball position, wrist hinge, etc. etc. etc. out the door.

In the most simplest terms: this club allows you to make an elongated putting stroke in order to chip. It’s simple, effective and nearly impossible to argue with the results. 

The Pyramid P3 Pharaoh Wedge is available in 45°, 50° & 55° as well as bundles. It retails for $179.00 each, but now is available for $129.00 and comes in right and left-handed dexterities. Visit for more information.