Review: Sunday Golf’s Dime Bag Valuables Pouch

The beverage cart comes roaring around the corner and the usual conversation takes place: What do we want? How many? That’s it?! 

What comes next is the scavenger hunt for a wallet to pay for the treasures, but your wallet could be anywhere in your bag; or worse, it could have been left in the car. Without a proper organizational strategy, valuables such as your keys, your wallet, your phone or any number of other things can be tossed in the bag on a whim as you rush to the first tee.

That’s where Sunday Golf’s Dime Bag Valuables Pouch comes in. Brought to you by the same folks who reimagined the stovepipe bag, the Dime Bag is the perfect complement to the low-on-storage Loma Bag or simply a more practical and organized addition to any regular-sized golf bag.

First Impressions

What you want out of a valuables pouch is rather straightforward: a convenient, well-protected bag to hold either things you need — tees, ball markers, balls — or, unsurprisingly, your valuables — hence the name.

Sunday Golf’s Dime Bag passes the first test with ease. A 6” x 8” coated polyester bag with mesh pockets both inside and out, the Dime Bag is big enough to hold practically every phone on the market, a wallet, set of keys and a few other small things you may want easy access to. 

The only thing the Dime Bag can’t help you from losing is a wedge left back on a previous green. 

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Weighing next to nothing, the Dime Bag is unnoticeable as it pertains to added strain if you’re the carrying type. It’s also not so big as to be distracting by banging up against your clubs as you trudge along.

The pouch itself is smell proof — no word if that has anything to do with the pouch’s name — and waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about your valuables — or your stash — getting wet or ruined should a pop-up shower hit while you’re on the course. 

The pockets inside the Dime Bag are great for holding keys, wallets or lighters, while there is a backside zipper and strap that serves as another pocket of secrecy. The outside of the bag has a mesh covering that can double as a glove holder so that you don’t need to discard or tuck it into your pocket while you’re on the green

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The Conclusion

Sunday Golf didn’t reinvent the wheel with the Dime Bag, but they did improve upon the old Crown Royal pouch that somehow has found ubiquity among golfers.

Whether you need a place for your last-minute golf items like tees, ball markers and repair tools, or a go-to convenience pouch for the everyday stuff that you walk around with, but don’t want to distract you during a round of golf, the Dime Bag fits your needs perfectly.

Competitively priced and a perfect complement to Sunday Golf’s headliner Loma Bag, the Dime Bag is a great option for both the scatterbrained golfer who loses their keys every other round or the Type A personality who needs everything in its own individual place.

Find out more about Sunday Golf and the Dime Bag on their website.