REVIEW: The TeeLess Driver

What You Need To Know

  • The TeeLess Driver is a 13° club that comes in four different shaft flex options
  • Features a maraging steel clubface, “low-and-back” center of gravity and chunk-proof sole
  • Retails for $426.00; available for $199.00. Comes in right / left hand, Ladies, Senior, Regular and Stiff shafts

The advent of strokes gained and modern coaching has stressed the importance – and advantage – of getting off the tee successfully. Being able to quantify the impact shots off the tee make on your score has put an added emphasis for many players – myself included – in finding the short grass.

The TeeLess Driver offers a “best of both worlds” solution to the conundrum of play it safe vs. bomb it out there. In testing, the club proved to be accurate both off the deck and off of a short tee, provide a penetrating ball flight and easily stack up against a much more established (and expensive testing counterpart).

First Impressions

There are few things better than a long brown box showing up on your doorstep, and upon finding the TeeLess Driver inside having seen it advertised both online and on television, there was no denying the intrigue.

Does this club really do what it says it does?

The first thing that popped was the grip and headcover. A pretty chronological detailing, sure, but the quality leather headcover and the Tour Velvet-y grip a strong first impression. Removing the headcover, you find a somewhat surprising (for me) size clubhead. 

Based on the name, I was expecting to hit this baby off the deck mostly, I was expecting something closer to a hybrid or traditional 3-wood, but at 260cc, it’s got a nice, big profile.

From there, it was time to put it to the test.

Test Results

I began the testing with my gamer TaylorMade 14° SIM2 Max Rocket 3-wood – a relatively comparable club  to the 13° TeeLess Driver – and one that I’m comfortable with. To be completely candid, I had a good little session with my 3-wood, which you can see in the results, only further shows how well the TeeLess Driver performed.  

Putting the TeeLess Driver through its paces – first off the ground and then using a small tee like you would for an iron – there was more than a few “Oh wow!” moments. The proof is in the numbers. 

In order to create a reliable data set, I removed outliers from my shot history, and truth be told, there were more removals with my SIM2 than with the TeeLess Driver, a testament to the club’s “low-and-back” center of gravity. Obvious mishits – the toe ball is my nemesis – were pleasantly non-penal compared to the that’s not going to count mishits with my 3-wood that could go as far as 70 yards off the center line. 

The launch numbers were impressive as well. Off the ground, the much bigger-faced TeeLess Driver launched lower than my 3-wood, but off the small tee, it climbed the ladder quickly. 

As far as distance goes, the TeeLess Driver was right there with my 3-wood – which I mash – hovering right around 270 yards. You can check out my TeeLess Driver numbers here off the deck and here off a small tee

The Takeaway

I never really know what to expect when trying out these clubs that aren’t “mainstream,” but the TeeLess Driver won me over quickly. The comparison that came to mind for me was the Phrankenwood, Phil Mickelson’s 2-wood / mini-driver that he brought out during the Masters a few years ago.

The TeeLess Driver goes and unlike a normal OEM big stick, it’s not intimidating to throw down in the fairway or rough. Slightly bigger than your average 3-wood, but smaller than your driver, you have the belief over the ball that you can launch it, and the proof is in the numbers.

The TeeLess Driver retails for $426.00, but is now available for $199.00. The club comes in both right-handed and left-handed dexterities and in Ladies, Senior, Regular and Stiff shafts. Visit for more information.