REVIEW: The 7 Best Drivers For Golfers In 2024

2024 brings an exceptional class of technologically advanced drivers from leading manufacturers.

With artificial intelligence pushing the limits of face design for speed and forgiveness across the face, and weight savings through carbon fiber construction providing new levels of adjustability, this year’s drivers aim to be longer, straighter, and more workable than ever before.

Gear up for a season of bombs off the tee.

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke

Key Takeaways

  • Elite ball speeds from innovative face design
  • Adjustable weights tailor spin and launch
  • Compact shape suits better player preferences
  • Versatile trajecories and neutral curvature

Callaway’s Paradym Ai Smoke drivers pack elite-level ball speeds into a more compact, workable package for players seeking maximum control.

The carbon fiber-adorned head offers a Tour-inspired look, aligning with its shot-shaping abilities. Adjustable front and back weights allow fitters to optimize spin and launch angles. Testing showed exceptional speeds even on mishits, thanks to Callaway’s industry-leading face tech.

Low-spin players can find extra yardage by moving weight forward, while weight back adds forgiveness. With a flatter lie angle than Callaway’s Paradym Ai Smoke Max, the Triple Diamond promotes versatile, neutral trajectories without excessive curve.

Skilled golfers who prioritize responsibility for their own shot shapes should slot the Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond onto their most-wanted list, while those looking for more forgiveness should look toward the three Max offerings.

Price: From $599.99

Find out more about the Paradym Ai Smoke drivers here and get yours today

Cleveland Launcher XL2

Key Takeaways

  • AI face tech seeks better speed/forgiveness combo
  • Improved sound but still favors playability over acoustics
  • Hosel adjustability enables precise fitting
  • Focused on recreational players prioritizing accuracy

Cleveland’s reintroduced Launcher XL 2 drivers aim at redemption after previous generations largely disappointed.

This time, more advanced artificial intelligence optimizes face thickness for improved speeds across common impact areas. Bringing partner Srixon’s Rebound Frame technology into the mix also boosts ball velocity. Sound quality enhances over predecessors while still prioritizing forgiveness over pleasing acoustics. Hosel adjustability newer to the Launcher provides more precise fitting, including a dedicated XL 2 Draw model.

Designed for moderate swings seeking accuracy over raw power, accuracy-tuned options are available, too. Improved shafts increase legitimacy. If AI’s further progress brings the performance boost intended, Cleveland could re-establish relevancy at a palatable price.

Find out more about the Launcher XL 2 drivers here and get yours today

Price: From $449.99

Cobra Darkspeed

Key Takeaways

  • Fast ball speeds from improved smash factor
  • Straight shots with neutral weighting
  • Pleasing matte black & carbon fiber aesthetics
  • Lower spin rates optimize launch conditions
  • Quality sound/feel – solid but not loud

Cobra’s new DARKSPEED drivers offer golfers an appealing blend of aerodynamics, speed, and forgiveness.

Visually, the all-black matte clubhead displays subtle graphite weave detailing with glossy carbon fiber on the sole. A balanced, modern shape suits most players at address. Sound and feel register as solid but not overly loud. Dual weights optimize launch and spin characteristics while advanced face design boosts ball speeds through improved smash factor conversion.

Testing showed shots flying fast and straight with lower spin, thanks to neutral weighting promoting straight trajectories.

Though the tested model came with the mismatched stock shaft, optimal driver performance shined through once properly fit. For those seeking hot looks, pleasing acoustics, and consistent juiced speeds, the DARKSPEED warrants consideration.

Find out more about the Cobra Darkspeed drivers here and get yours today.

Price: From $549.99

Mizuno ST 230

Key Takeaways

  • CORTECH chamber increases ball speed, reduces spin
  • Straight, stable shots find and hold the short grass
  • Classic, confidence-inspiring shape at address
  • Diverse stock shaft options fit many swing types

Mizuno’s new ST230 driver delivers solid, straight drives via an effective combination of technologies. The classically-shaped, neutral-sitting head houses a CORTECH chamber behind the face, which boosts ball speeds and drops spin for added distance.

A sturdy stainless steel weight wrapped in elastic polymer promotes stability and a more satisfying impact sensation. Testing showed consistent speeds across the face, with shots launching low and running out with minimal curve when struck pure.

Alongside the forgiveness built into the chassis, Mizuno offers multiple stock shaft selections to fit varying swing profiles.

For those after hassle-free launches and little need to search the rough, slot this stable, forgiving driver onto the radar.

Find out more about the ST 230 drivers here and get yours today.

Price: From $500.00

Ping G430 Max 10K

Key Takeaways

  • 10K driver subtly more forgiving than previous Max model
  • Consistency benefits on toe, low center, and especially low face strikes
  • Low face impacts see launch/spin stay closer to center contact levels
  • Designed for mid- to high-handicap inconsistent strike players
  • Same price as old Max, slightly improved performance

Ping’s new G430 Max 10K driver offers subtle improvements in forgiveness and consistency over the previous G430 Max model.

Testing showed very small differences in overall distance loss on mishits – 8 yards for the 10K versus 8.7 yards for the Max. However, the 10K performed slightly better on toe and low center strikes.

The key benefit comes on low face impacts, where the 10K maintained launch and spin rates closer to center contact levels. This translates to mid- and high-handicappers potentially gaining more consistent distances across the face.

Priced the same as the standard Max driver, the 10K looks to provide a bit more performance reassurance.

Find out more about the Ping G430 drivers here and get yours today.

Price: From $599.99

PXG 0311 Black Ops

Key Takeaways

  • Forgiving, long driver with great feel/feedback
  • New face material increases launch, reduces spin
  • 35% tighter shot dispersion than nearest competitor
  • Solid, consistent impacts across the face
  • Same industry-leading adjustability as GEN6

PXG’s latest 0311 Black Ops driver builds on the previous GEN6 model with enhanced forgiveness and distance.

A new glossy black finish along with carbon fiber sole plate provide a sleek, updated look. The star of the show is the proprietary face material, which increases launch angle and reduces spin versus GEN6. Data shows the Black Ops driver flew nearly as far as leading competitors while dispensing shots in a 35% tighter dispersion area.

Extremely solid feel and feedback allow players to sense impact location. Adjustability remains best-in-class with three weight ports to shape shots and dial in swing weight preferences. Initial testing showed off-center hits flying straight without excessive curve. Early adoption on tour proves validity.

For golfers seeking max distance and playability in one package, the 0311 Black Ops warrants a long look.

Find out more about the PXG 0311 Black Ops drivers here and get yours today.

Price: From $599.99

TaylorMade Qi10

Key Takeaways

  • Gloss carbon crown shifts weight for forgiveness
  • Face tech maintains ball speed on mishits
  • Heavier sliding weight enlarges shot-shaping capabilities
  • Low-spin head appeals to faster swing players

TaylorMade’s new Qi10 driver builds on recent models, continuing the heritage of low-spin performance for better players seeking maximum control. The crown switches to all-gloss carbon fiber to redistribute weight for enhanced forgiveness.

Face tech sustains fast ball speeds even on mishits while sliding weight promotes versatile shot-shaping. Compact address profile fits Tour visual preferences. Adjustable sliding weight expanded by 3 grams for more significant gear effect tweaks. Slightly higher spin than predecessors gives better players room to shape trajectories.

Stock shaft options span low to mid launch/spin pairings to satisfy most needs. For those seeking a personalized launcher with levers to promote preferred flight, the Qi10 warrants close inspection.

Find out more about the TaylorMade Qi10 drivers here and get yours today.

Price: From $599.99