The 9 Best Fairway Woods For Amateur Golfers In 2024

The fairway wood is an often overlooked club in a golfer’s bag, but its importance cannot be overstated. Many golfers find it challenging to hit fairway woods consistently, making it one of the most difficult slots to fill in their set.

Although not used as frequently as irons, drivers, wedges, or putters, fairway woods need to perform exceptionally well when called upon, whether off the tee or on longer fairway shots into par 5s or lengthy par 4s.

These versatile clubs can be utilized in various situations around the course, from the rough to delicate bump and run shots near the greens, making them invaluable in the hands of a skilled golfer. As fairway woods tend to remain in the bag for longer periods compared to drivers, which are often replaced every one or two years, finding the right fairway wood can significantly impact a golfer’s score and overall performance on the course.


Callaway’s Paradym Ai Smoke Max fairway wood combines cutting-edge technology with stunning aesthetics. The white and grey crushed carbon sole, accented with bolt blue, creates a head-turning look that captures attention on the course. The Ai Smoke Max’s forgiveness is unparalleled, thanks to the Ai Smart Face technology, which utilizes data from thousands of golf shots to create multiple sweet spots for consistent ball flight and spin rates. This club’s versatility shines through its performance off the tee, from the fairway, and even out of the rough. Although it comes at a premium price, the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max fairway wood is a top contender for golfers seeking an all-around performer.

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Cobra’s Darkspeed X fairway wood, part of the new Darkspeed range, caters to the majority of golfers. The matte black head is visually appealing, although it may appear slightly more compact than other models, which could be less reassuring for higher handicap golfers. During testing, the Darkspeed X produced a high ball flight, making it an excellent choice for golfers seeking to maximize carry distance and stopping power on greens. The lively and solid feel off the face is accompanied by a fairly loud sound at impact. The Cobra Darkspeed X is recommended for golfers who need help generating a higher ball flight with ample spin from their fairway wood and plan to use it more from the fairway than off the tee.

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The Mizuno ST-G fairway wood is a standout in terms of aesthetics, with its clean, compact, and beautifully pear-shaped head. Designed for faster-swinging players seeking a low-spinning, penetrating ball flight, the ST-G incorporates Mizuno’s cortech chamber technology – an internal stainless steel weight encased in elastomeric TPU – to minimize stress on the clubhead while providing an additional energy source. During testing, the ST-G proved easy to launch from both the fairway and the tee, producing a powerful and neutral ball flight. While the forgiveness is adequate for a club of this nature, with mishits primarily affecting distance rather than dispersion, the ST-G is better suited to skilled players. Higher handicap golfers or those with slower swing speeds may want to consider other options. Nonetheless, the Mizuno ST-G fairway wood remains a visually stunning and high-performance choice for better players.

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Ping’s G430 Max fairway wood is a reliable and forgiving option that builds upon the success of its predecessor, the G425. The stunning carbon matte finish and Carbonfly Wrap technology work together to enhance launch, forgiveness, and ball speeds while reducing spin. The Facewrap Technology ensures consistent ball speeds across the face, making it a club that appeals to a wide range of players. During testing, the G430 Max demonstrated impressive forgiveness on off-center hits and generated significant power and distance on solid strikes. With a variety of lofts available, ranging from a 3-wood to a 9-wood, the G430 Max offers versatility for golfers looking to replace their mid-irons.

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The PXG Black Ops fairway wood is a stunning club that combines eye-catching aesthetics with exceptional performance. Its black and silver tones, along with the carbon fiber crown, create a visually appealing design that is sure to turn heads on the course. PXG’s customization options allow golfers to fine-tune the club to their preferences, ensuring optimal ball flight and forgiveness. The thinner face technology delivers impressive ball speeds and a satisfying feel at impact. Equally effective off the tee and from the fairway, the PXG Black Ops fairway wood is a versatile and forgiving option for golfers of all skill levels.

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The Srixon ZX Mk II fairway wood is a versatile and user-friendly option for golfers seeking easy playability from various lies. With technological advancements like the new Cannon Sole, which shifts weight forward to improve the center of gravity and maximize forgiveness, the ZX Mk II offers a confidence-inspiring experience. The sole plate’s redesigned contours work with the higher trailing edge to create a square face angle at impact, promoting straighter ball flights. The large clubhead and matte black finish with subtle white detailing appeal to higher handicap players and those who lack confidence with fairway woods. Srixon’s Rebound Frame and Dual Flex Zones technologies deliver impressive ball speed and consistent distance, benefiting inconsistent golfers looking to attack greens on longer holes.

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TaylorMade’s Qi10 Tour fairway wood is designed for skilled golfers seeking control and workability. The compact head and adjustable features, including a weight track and loft sleeve, allow players to customize their shot shape and trajectory. The weight track effectively alters the flight and trajectory, while the loft setting can be optimized for individual swings. With a focus on keeping spin and launch low, the Qi10 Tour fairway is an ideal choice for golfers with high swing speeds looking to shape their shots and maintain a penetrating ball flight.

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The Titleist TSR3 fairway wood is a tech-packed and highly adjustable option that has undergone significant improvements from its predecessors. The removal of the Active Recoil Channel (ARC) and the reconfiguration of the hosel’s entry point into the clubhead have led to weight savings that are redistributed to enhance launch and forgiveness. The thicker sole plate lowers the center of gravity, resulting in improved performance, especially from the turf. The TSR3’s stylish appearance is complemented by the new SureFit CG weight track system, offering five positions for greater adjustability and ball flight customization. Full-face scorelines make alignment easier and give the club a more inviting look at address.

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The Wilson Dynapwr fairway wood stands out for its stunning aesthetics, excellent feel, and impressive performance. Designed in consultation with tour players, the matte clubhead with red detailing on the sole plate and heel offers a visually appealing and confidence-inspiring look. The generously sized pear-shaped head and a 12g weight on the back of the sole contribute to high MOI and increased stability, promoting a higher launch angle for shots off the deck. The Dynapwr fairway wood is one of the easiest to get airborne, requiring minimal effort and providing good turf interaction. The muted ‘thud’ at impact appeals to those who prefer a softer sound. Crafted using A.I. Technology, the PKR2 face features varying thicknesses, resulting in faster and more consistent ball speeds on off-center hits, making it one of the most forgiving models available. Although not the cheapest option, the Wilson Dynapwr fairway wood offers exceptional value considering its performance and features.

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