Golf Joke Of The Day – April 1, 2024

Joke Of The Day

Joe, a good friend and golf buddy, was walking by one day.

“Hey Joe, how’s it going?” Dennis asked.

In a very raspy voice Joe responded, “Oh, pretty good.” “What happened to your voice?” Dennis asked.

“It happened on the golf course the other day,” he responded. “I was playing a round alone, and got on that long par-5 and was determined to reach it in two, and when I tried to kill it. I sliced it over next to that pasture in the trees. I was looking for my ball when a lady playing behind me hit hers over there, too.

“About the time she came over, a cow was swishing her tail and I noticed a golf ball right in her bottom! I saw that it was a TaylorMade, and I was using a Maxfli, so as the lady approached, I raised the tail and said. ‘Hey, does yours look like that?’ and she hit me in the neck with her 9 iron!”

(Submitted by reader Dennis E.)

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