Golf Joke Of The Day – July 1, 2024

Joke Of The Day

A golfer took his chimpanzee with him to play golf.

“I would like two rounds of golf for me and my chimp, please.” the man told the pro shop attendant.

The club pro comes over and says, “That chimp cannot play golf here.”

“I bet you that he can play better than you and if so, we get to play for free,” the man responded.

“Okay, let’s see,” the pro said.

On the first tee, the chimp is the first up. He drives the ball straight down the middle 425 yards.

Shocked, the pro caved in. “Well it looks like he can play, so go ahead.”

The pro turned and began to walk off before turning around and saying, “By the way, how does he putt?”

The golfer replied, “Just like he drives, over 400 yards.”

(Submitted by reader Don B.)

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