English Legend Nails Himself In The Face

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A redeeming fact of life for golfers of a certain age is that the golf ball sitting on the ground in front of you has no idea if Joe 20-Handicap or Dustin Johnson is about to smack it. The game, the equipment and the course play no favorites, which makes golf the levelest playing field in all of sports. 

That fact becomes unfortunate when you’re Jimmy Anderson, widely recognized as one of the best cricketers to ever play the game and a man who has nearly everything he could want in life. When you have so much success in your area of expertise, golf can be especially humbling for the reasons laid out above.

As Anderson found out in painful, yet hilarious fashion earlier this week, no one is immune to the disappointment that golf can bring. 

Facing a very difficult shot through a grove of several trees, Anderson was no doubt concentrating on picking his gap and making a swing that would get the ball back out into play. Yet, the biggest obstacle to his success sat only inches in front of his ball. In the cruel way that golf does, Anderson made an unencumbered swing only to have the ball ricochet and hit him in the face. 

Luckily, he wasn’t injured and he was a good sport about it afterward.