Golf Joke Of The Day: Sunday, August 20th


A golfer is having a bad time of it, his game is getting worse and worse. Soon, he’s so bad that he’s embarrassed to be seen playing. He decides that he’ll practice early in the morning so that nobody sees him and hopes to get better again fairly soon.

On the first morning, he’s quite nervous, but he tees up the ball on the first tee and gives it a smack. The ball slices viciously and flies over the golf club fence. The golfer hears one bounce and nothing. He’s so depressed he packs his stuff up and goes home.

The next day he decides to persevere and tees up early again. Again, he slices the ball over the fence, but this time the ball narrowly misses a man walking his dog. The golfer rushes over to the man apologizing as he goes.

“You were here and did the same thing yesterday weren’t you?” the man asks the golfer.

“Yeah, I seem to have a problem with golf right now.” the golfer answers.

“Did you see where yesterdays ball ended up?” the dog owner asks.

“No,” says the golfer.

“Oh, it bounced off a lamppost onto the main road,” the dog-walker said. “It caused a massive pile-up. Five cars in all were affected!”

“That’s terrible,” exclaims the golfer. “What do you think I should do?”

“You should adjust your grip and drop your left shoulder at impact.”


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