Golf Joke Of The Day: Sunday, May 14th


This man had decided to spend some time in this new and fancy resort which advertised an all inclusive do all you can kind of sejour. So he shows up at the desk, gets his key and goes to his room. Looking thru the hotel’s book he finds there are tennis courts on the premises so he calls the desk to find out how to go about playing a set or two.

“Just meet the pro at the tennis shop, he will lend you all that you need and will find you someone to play with.” answered a very polite clerk.

“How much is that going to cost me?” the man asks.

So the man goes to the shop, plays tennis all afternoon. When he is done he asks the pro how much he owed. “Nothing, this is on the room.”

The next day he decided to try horse back riding and again found it did not cost him a penny more than the price of the room. After a week there he had done just about everything that was available except golf.

On his last day he decided to play a round so he goes to the clubhouse, gets what he needs and starts his games. When he came back to the shop the pro asked him how the game had gone.

“Not so good” the man answers, “in fact I lost 5 balls.”

“Well” says the pro, “that will be $5000.00 sir.”

“What do you mean $5000.00, for 5 lousy golf balls? You have to be kidding. I played an afternoon of tennis, went horse riding, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and more and was never charged a cent, and now that I have lost 5 balls you charge me $5000.00 ?”

“Well” the pro says “you know, this hotel really gets you by the balls.”


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