Golf Joke Of The Day: Thursday, January 19th

There was this priest who just loved to play golf, but he had been very busy for many months and had not been able to get away to go play. One Sunday morning he woke up and felt he just had to go; the weather was too perfect.

The priest called up the Bishop and claimed he had a really bad case of laryngitis and couldn’t preach, so the Bishop told him to rest for a few days. Then the priest got out his clubs and headed off for the golf course.

He set up at the first hole, making sure no one was there to see him playing hooky, and blasted the ball with his driver. It was a beautiful shot, straight and true. It bounced and bounced up onto the green and rolled its way closer and closer. A hole-in-one!

The priest jumped up and down in his excitement, praising the Lord and shouting hallelujahs! He strutted off to the green, collected his ball, and teed off on the second hole, repeating his performance on the first hole, much to his astounded delight.

All this time, St. Peter and God had been watching him from the gates of heaven. St. Peter finally had seen enough to pique his curiosity.

“Lord,” he said, “this priest seems to be a real troublemaker. He ignored his congregation and even lied to go play golf. Now you reward him with several holes-in-one! Why?”

God smiled, looked over at St. Peter, and said, “I’m punishing him.”

St. Peter looked very confused and asked God for an explanation.

God replied, “Well, after he finishes his round by himself, who can he tell his story to?”

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