Golf Joke Of The Day: Thursday, January 5th

A foursome of ladies came back after a round of golf. At the 19th hole in the clubhouse, the pro asked, “How did your game go?”

The first said she had a good round with 25 riders. The second said she did okay with 16 riders. The third said she didn’t do too bad since she had 10 riders. The fourth was disappointed and said that she played badly with only two riders.

The pro was confounded by the term “rider,” but not wanting to show his ignorance, he just smiled and wished them better luck the next time.

He then approached Jerry the bartender and asked, “Jerry, can you tell me what the term ‘riders’ mean?”

Jerry smiled and explained that a “rider” is when you hit a shot long enough to take a ride on a golf cart before hitting your next shot.

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