Golf Joke Of The Day: Friday, January 3rd

Joke Of The Day

Phil was a 15-handicap and a terrible putter. As he lined up a 60-foot, left-to-right breaking putt, he offered a wager to his group saying, “I have a dollar that says I can make this putt.”

Naturally, everyone takes him up on the bet and Phil misses the putt by some five feet.

“Alright, boys, pay up. You all owe me a dollar,” Phil says.

His buddies look at each other, confused.

“What are you talking about, Phil? That wasn’t even close,” his buddy John says.

Phil reaches into his wallet, pulls out a dollar, hands it to his John and says, “See? You guys owe me.”

John looks at the bill and across George Washington’s face, written in black sharpie was I can make this putt.