Golf Joke Of The Day: Friday, May 11th

Joke Of The Day

Phil, a 15 handicap and a miserable putter, lined up a 60-foot left-to-right breaking putt. With his group watching, Phil offered a wager saying, “I have a dollar that says I can make this putt.”

Naturally, everyone takes him up on the bet. Phil hits a good putt, but one that still misses by some five feet.

“Alright, boys, pay up. You all owe me a dollar,” Phil says.

His buddies look at each other, confused. 

“What are you talking about, Phil? That wasn’t even close,” his buddy John says.

Phil reaches into his wallet, pulls out a dollar, hands it to John and says, “See? You guys owe me.

John looks at the bill and across George Washington’s face, written in black sharpie was, “I can make this putt.


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