Golf Joke Of The Day: Monday, December 9th

Joke Of The Day

Moses, Jesus and an old man were playing golf.

Moses teed off first, and his ball went right into the pond. No problem! Moses walked over, parted the water and hit the ball again. It landed about a foot from the first hole.

Jesus then teed off and his ball went flying off to the left, hit a tree, then miraculously bounced to about six inches from the hole.

Lastly, the old man stepped up, teed off and his ball headed right for the pond. A huge bass jumped up grabbed the ball in its mouth. Suddenly, an eagle swooped down, grabbed the bass and flew over the green. The bass dropped the ball and it rolled to about 2 inches from the hole!

Then, all of a sudden a worm pops up out of the ground and knocks the ball in. A hole in one.

Moses looked at Jesus and said, “You know, I really hate it when your Dad plays.”