Golf Joke Of The Day – November 5, 2023

Joke Of The Day

Four guys were enjoying a round of golf when they reached the 18th tee. The first three guys put their balls in the fairway while the last guy drove a brand new Titleist over the fence and into a field. He told his friends to finish up and that he would meet them in the clubhouse.

A half-hour went by and finally, the fourth golfer showed up in the bar all beat up with bumps and cuts on his head, bleeding all over. One of his fellow golfers asked what the heck had happened?

He told them the story.

“Over the fence, there were a bunch of cows,” he said. “I noticed one cow was moaning and carrying on like crazy, so I slowly lifted her tail and there was a ball stuck in the you-know-what.

“Gladly it wasn’t mine, but at about that time, a lady came over the fence looking for her ball. I told her to come over and I’d show her something. I raised the tail on that cow and said to her, ‘does that look like yours?’

“After that, I don’t remember much.”

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