Golf Joke Of The Day: Saturday, June 15th

Joke Of The Day 

A golfer playing in a two-man alternate shot tournament drove his tee shot to the edge of the green on a par-3.

His partner, playing the second shot, managed to chip it over the green into a bunker. Undaunted, the first golfer recovers with a fine shot to within one foot of the hole.

The second golfer nervously putts and sends the ball one foot past the hole, leaving the first golfer to sink the putt.

“Do you realize that we took five strokes on an easy par-3?” says the first golfer.

“Yes, and don’t forget who took three of them!” answered his partner.

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Golf Terminology

Green Hockey – Term given to a situation where there’s a lot of putting or chipping errors made on a hole.

“I was cruising along until I got into a game of green hockey on #6 and made double.”