Golf Joke Of The Day – September 26, 2023

Joke Of The Day

An older gentleman was a single and he got paired up with three younger, attractive women. He was pleased about his good fortune, but kept to himself for much of the round.

Finally, in an effort to break the ice, he asked the women if they would like to hear a blonde joke.

One of the women suggested that wasn’t a very good idea.

Even though they all appeared to be brunette, she explained that they were in the military and on leave. They were headed back to their special forces team the next day and were going on a secret mission at dark. Their normally blonde hair had to be dyed as part of their cover.

Then she said, “So, knowing that all three of us are actually blonde, but also part of an elite special forces team and highly skilled in hand to hand combat, are you sure you still want to tell that blonde joke?”

The gentleman replied, “Hell no. Not if I’m going to have to explain it three times.”

(Submitted by reader Tom H.)

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